• Expertly designed electronic surveys
  • Customized questions based on your needs
  • Branching and skip logic capabilities
  • Beautifully designed and formatted to encourage high response rates
  • Multi-mode data collection including web links, e-mail invitations, QR codes, and social media
  • Monitoring of response rate with e-mail updates and coaching support to reach your target audience and increase survey uptake 

​Why settle for status quo when you can do better?

  • Expertise on disseminating findings and engaging others to brainstorm solutions to maximize your performance
  • Guidance on creating effective aim statements and targets to drive continuous quality improvement
  • Coaching support on how to test improvement strategies and use survey results to assess impact on performance
  • Suggestions on how to use performance information to motivate staff and transform your organizational culture
  • Summary reports on a monthly/quarterly/ yearly basis with graphs and charts
  • Custom data analysis to gain further insight regarding performance (i.e. results by location, type of service received, demographics, etc)
  • Identification of strengths and areas for improvement based on feedback
  • Performance benchmarking and target setting to help you evolve

SURVEY DESIGN & Administration


data analysis & results